Friday, August 5, 2011

Faces and Soccer

This fresh face just MELTS me like a fondue fountain!

He got a hair cut last night. This is the only cut Mommy can do and it's too hot for anything else.

CAUGHT! Looks like Big Brother's been stealing Little Sister's toys.

Sorry, I'm still hooked on this scrunchie face. Indulge me for a few.

One for Bubba.

Last one...for now.

One silly face at soccer practice.

To say "it was hot" was an understatement. Ace was beet red and I poured lots of water over his head at his first soccer practice last night. We brought wet rags we kept in the cooler, popsicles and tons of juice. The sun was just beating on us.


We had such a great time at soccer practice. Jonathan is the coach! All bias aside, he did a phenomenal job. Even some of the other parents mentioned they were impressed with him. He was friendly, funny and the kids really seemed to love him. He chased them and they chased him. He is such a great Dad and I was blown away at what a great job he did. I never give him enough credit. Shame on me.

P.S. Yes, I know that shin guards are supposed to go UNDER the socks. Ace decided that they made him a superhero and insisted (to put it mildly) on wearing them on the outside. I'm picking my battles.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the faces and your 2010 yearbooks!