Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happiest Halloween

We had the most beautiful trick-or-treating weather last night.

Darth Vader woke up from his nap crying to go trick-or-treating. We started about 6:30. Good thing because we didn't finish up until about 8pm!

The only thing I don't like about Halloween masks is that you can see this handsome face! We went up to his old daycare lady's house and she didn't even know it was him until I came up and told her!!!
This little pumpkin outfit was a hand-me-down from the neighbors down the street. We actually ran into the family who it came from and got a kick out of showing Lily Kate off in it.

She didn't quite get the whole trick-or-treating thing. She rode in the stroller or walked with Pops for most of the night. She stopped about 7:15 and gave out candy with Daddy.

My precious punkin' pie. She got mad at this costume several times. It was made up of strips of fabric and she kept getting tangled up in them. Sacrifice for fashion I say!

The funniest part of the night was when this guy came to the door eating a bag of Doritos. I guess he was out of candy because he gave Ace a handful of Doritos in his Halloween bucket! Ace immediately ate one before I could get to him!

Halloween is second only to Christmas in this house.


Meredith said...

LOVE that pumpkin costume!