Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Part 2

I can be quite immature,
I need more common sense,
 There are days I should be locked alone,
When my hygiene's on the fence.
 Everyone knows things about themselves,
They really shouldn't share.
 I love the most those in my life,
Who know those and don't care.
 My husband thinks I've lost it,
Understand it, well, he can't.
 He thinks that Twilight's silly,
So good thing I have my AUNT!
 We've planned this time for MONTHS,
Made plans all neat and nice,
 Figured we'd do it right all round,
And so we saw it TWICE!
(A superlative weekend: the BEST movie ever, the best AUNT ever and the best mother who babysat while we spent the entire day at the movie theater. Yes my aunt made us custom Twilight pillows and we stayed up Friday night watching Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and hung posters all around.)
So sad it's over.


The Bailes said...

Shhh, I love it too! haha...but not sure who would want to plan a party for me!