Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happiest Halloween

Pinterest is like crack, with crafty things galore,
I can look at it for hours, left only wanting more.
 I saw these witches legs and thought, "those look super cute,"
So I went on the hunt to find the perfect witches boot. (Found at Michael's.)
Oh how these two do, set my heart to beating!
We had the mostest fun last night, while they were trick-or-treating. 
 My dragon and my knight, oh the fun they had,
Sashi came along dressed up, Here is Acey with my DAD!
Ace and Lily kept us laughing, as they went door to door,
Every time she got some candy, LK said, "I need one more!"
When she got her treats, my little dragon roared.
Ace said "Happy Halloween!" as he swung around his sword.

Before my kids, Halloween was never, a day I much adored,
I mean, who knew such joy could come from plastic shield and sword?
If you have angels in your house, you'll know just what I mean,
My favorite times are like last night, the Happiest Halloween.