Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Christmas is ALL ENGINES blow,
so, to Houston, the Evans did go.
 Saw Pops and Gabby,
ate so much, we're flabby,
 Had the best time we ever did know.
 Saw cousins, got presents galore,
had naps then opened some more,
 Loved on Great Granny Red
til our eyelids were dead
 and our unwrapping fingers were SORE!

I learned my lesson this year,
'cus our Hobby Lobby ain't near,
Overbuy in and out
Or your sure to run out
Which will suck out your Christmas-ey cheer!
(One trip to Hobby Lobby is fun...ten trips are not.)
 After all the weekend traveling, my imagination and rhyming stop here...
 Jonathan kind of thinks I've lost my mind with the leopard but I love it.
 Saw photo stocking hangers and improvised to copy them.
 Love Christmas cards more than anything! Thank you if you sent us one!!! I look at them everyday and love them all.
We love you Aunt Hilary, Uncle Nathan, Aubrey, Brynley, Uncle Patrick, Gabby, Pops, B, Uncle James, Honey, Sashi, Granny, Jerry, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Steve, Cindy, Aunt Debbie, David, Tracey, Hunter, Katie, Dustin, Eunice, Quinten, Sloan, Dale, Patty, Jennifer, Justin, Jackson, Cason, Ella, Joey and Brandy.