Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time for School!

School time again and both the Evans kids couldn't be more excited.
Ace is in Mrs. Rickman's 1st grade class.
These two photos are from meet the teacher night.
 1st day obligatory photo. He was more excited about his new backpack than anything.
 Not a tear. Not a "Mommy will you stay." Nothing.
Not even a goodbye really. Just a smile and I will take it!
Lily Kate's teachers are Mrs. Hineline...
...and Mrs. Applebee.
 And she was MORE than ready to go to school today. I am in a panick because it's her first day in panties and I packed three changes of clothes just to be safe. My secret weapon is her dress. I told Lily Kate if she pee-peed on Dora (her undies have Dora on them) that she would have to take her dress off. She promised, "I not peep on Dora."
 And here is Lils with her first homework project. She wanted the brown girl (who am I to object? but I did laugh). She wanted pink hair and a "princess dress." The mouth had to be purple and she needed "ballet shoes." Bossy britches.
 I feel really fortunate with their teachers. Once again, the Lord takes care of this mommy.
Yeah for school!


Loralee said...

Sweet photos!
Love this line, "Once again, the Lord takes care of this mommy."
God is so good.