Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Faces

I try (emphasis on the "try") to take the kids Yearbook cover photos around June or July so that their faces are right in the middle - you know how fast they change. If I use a January photo, they look nothing like they did in December and vice versa. So Jonathan had his boys' weekend and I took the kids out for a photo shoot.
I got some great ones.
 But how could I NOT when the subjects are so darn cute?
 Or should I say, How could I not when I bribed them with toys from Walmart and we took the photos in the Walmart parking lot so they could SEE the prize the entire time.
 Our Walmart is right next to the Boerne Visitor Center which is where we took the photos.
 So lucky these two are mine.
 Besides the toy-bribery, these two are in constant competition so if I told Ace that Lily Kate had a better smile, he'd turn up the wattage on his smile.
 And below are the two that will be on the cover of their Yearbooks!
Lily Kate Evans (Age 3)
 Albert Carey Evans (Age 6)


Kristin Roney said...

Hi! This is Kristin from Kids Sweet Tees. I was doing a "google" test on my site and your image popped up. Your party is ADORABLE!!! Thanks for including my images in your blog post!

The Bailes said...

DARLING pics...I like to do the same half-way pics...but have I done them this year?!

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