Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Jonathan was the photographer for Ace's first Easter egg hunt. Aunt Hilary and Aubrey joined us and the rest of the neighborhood. We had a blast.

The Mommy's club of our neighborhood found a teenager to dress up like the Easter bunny.

They even had a train ride!

Ace didn't come home with many eggs but Aubrey made up for that with a whole basket full. I made rice krispie treats that were gobbled up in the 30 minutes it took the kids to gather up all of the eggs. Ace and Aubrey liked them too.

All in all - it was a huge success and the day was beautiful.

He got this egg stuck in his hat all by himself! It was hilarious. It stayed a good while until he crawled away and shook it loose.

There is another hunt tomorrow at church. Hopefully today's practice equipped us to bring home more eggs tomorrow.