Monday, March 31, 2008

Positive Report

I finally have good news to report. I went upstairs this morning to get Ace out of his crib and I saw healthy, peach skin! His belly is almost completely cleared up and all of the spots on his legs, hands and face have spread out with big peach-colored centers. The bruise-looking centers are gone from all but his feet. He is in a fabulous mood and laughed all through breakfast and lunch. Thank the Lord for healing.

I really lost it this morning because Hula came in the office to say good morning and proceeded to puike all over the carpet. As I pushed her towards the back door, she threw up again all over the kitchen rug! I mean, can our whole family not just get healthy?!

After thinking that my most precious baby was going to be scarred and disfigured for life, I'm taking a deep breath and sending up praise that he is happy and whole.


Emily said...

Oh, I'm so glad things are getting better (well, besides Hula I guess). I can't imagine how exhausted all this has made you!