Friday, April 4, 2008


I hope that EVERYONE saw the New Kids on the Block on the Today Show this morning! I feel like a 12 year-old again. I smiled the entire time they were on tv. They look so much older but Joey is still cute as anything! Between NKOTB and American Idol, I'm in excitement overload.

AI comments for the week: I'm not surprised that Ramielle went home because I never really remembered her performances although she was super-cute. It's got to be Kristy Lee's time soon. I agree with Simon that those show stylists should be fired for Carly's outfit on Tuesday - but let's hear it for a girl who isn't a size zero. Jonathan's still in love with Brooke (has anyone noticed that she looks identical to Britney Snow whenever the judges comment on her performance). David Cook is my favorite. I'm intrigues by the rumors that David Archuletta's dad is a serious stage dad - he's such a sweetheart, I hope it's not true. I hope they do more of the "Idols - Where are they now." Way to go Dolly with Jesus and Gravity!