Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Family Turnout

On the invites, we said that prizes would be awarded for the most team spirit...I think everyone went out of their way when it came to their outfits!!!
Aunt Barby made t-shirts for her and Uncle James. The front had a huge 1 on it with a monkey and bananas (because everything for Ace now has to do with monkeys). The back of their shirts had "Team Ace" on them and they wore football whistles around their necks.

Meme won the prize for the best outfit. She came out of her bedroom on Saturday morning with old Walmart sacks stuffed into her clothes for muscles!

Aunt Leah was limited in her outfit choices because Braedyn is HUGE. His baby shower is this weekend and I'll post pictures of her belly.

Honey and Sunny made their jerseys. They even put their ages as their team numbers: 34 & 55!

Gabby and Pops had authentic red and blue jerseys! One of their neighbors went to school whose colors were red and blue and they ordered especially for Ace!