Monday, April 7, 2008

HEB Children's Festival

Taking advantage of being in a big city, we went downtown on Saturday to the HEB Children's Festival.

Right when we entered the park they had this contraption of pots and kitchen utensils. I love the look on Ace's face in this photo! My second favorite smile is when he smiles through his pacifier. (Just FYI - My first favorite smile is when I steal his pacifier and put it in my mouth - I put it in backwards, I don't actually suck on it!)

The Festival had bubble machines everywhere and even a bubble van! Ace probably thought he was fixing to get a bath - we have a bubble machine attached to the shower wall in his bathroom and we play with bubbles every night in the bathtub. FYI - The best bubble machine that always works properly (because mommies know they never do) is at Walmart!

Those with a sense of humor will see the irony in this. The Statue of Liberty was handing out crowns in front of a stall that was blasting the Latino radio station. Oh well, it is Houston.

Ace did not keep that hat on for long. Despite our many attempts with cowboy hats and baseball caps, he is just not into having anything on his head. I'm not giving up the fight though.

Second Baptist had an entire section of the Festival with two stages, singing and dancing. Ace LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the puppet show that they put on. We must have sat there dancing for at least 30 minutes. There was a lady with a shopping bag sitting next to us and Ace was bound and determined to get into her sack! At least she thought it was funny.