Saturday, March 15, 2008


2008 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Ace went to his first rodeo today. Aunt Barby and Uncle James made sure that he was outfitted properly. I went to the resale store last night and found the John Deere onesie but Aunt B shopped all around Houston to find Ace a black felt hat with a feather stuck on the side! She aslo bought him a pair of black, ostrich cowboy boots but they were a little too big for today.

We didn't actually go to the Rodeo. Brad Paisley was totally sold out - standing room only. We had the option to buy tickets that were $175 each...we passed. We still managed to spend 5 hours at the livestock show and fair!

After a warm-up period he decided he loved his Uncle James. Check out the bull in the background! The petting zoo was one of the highlights.

My favorite is ALWAYS muttin bustin'. Ace is SOOOO doing this in a few years.

Amazingly, Ace took only two cat naps and then had energy to meet Aubrey, Aunt Hilary, Nathan and baby Brinley (still in Hilary's tummy) for dinner. Now, he's fast asleep and mommy is soon to follow.


Emily said...

Oh how I miss the HLSR!! My parents went to the Brad Paisley concert. Well...they got there when it ended because they didn't look on their tickets to see it was an afternoon show. Ha! I definitely want to plan our Spring visit to Houston next year around Rodeo season. Jacob just loves animals and they have the best Livestock Show around!
Glad Ace had fun. He looked like such a little cowboy. :)