Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Walking Update

Ace's first step was right before his first birthday. He was staring out the door to the backyard, turned, saw his Honey and took one step toward her.

Ace's second steps were right before a bath. He was standing on his own and I was running his bath water when he took two steps towards the tub. After two steps, he caught the side of the tub and held on.

At the crawfish boil on Saturday, Ace took 3 STEPS! He was using his little red car (that he got from his Aunt B and Uncle James for his birthday - thank you again) to stand up and all of a sudden, he turned and started walking away from it. Three steps later, I think our shouts of excitement scared him into falling down.

We'll take the victories where they come! I think we are officially on our way to walking.