Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Ace

He has his own language, personality and quirks. It is so funny to watch Ace every day to see what he's going to come up with next. As I was cleaning the kitchen the other day, he really got to talking so I walked around the counter to find him on the floor...just talking to himself.

I'm super thankful for a child who is happy just being on his own. Lately, I've caught him through the baby monitor in his play-yard, sitting astride his retro rocket, watching tv or talking to himself. He is just really content on the days that I'm working with him at home. Thoughts of a second baby (NOT announcing, just rambling) scare me to death because there is no possibility of another baby who behaves like Ace while I work. Even thoughts of potty-training Ace make me wonder how I'll ever work in eight hours on those days. I keep telling myself that, if I can get through these first growing years, it will be worth it to have a career on the other side of potty training and toddler-hood. I'm daily thankful to be working at home. Enough of my rambling. Here are some more adorable pics.

Ace got stuck in Hula's bowls.

His shirt says it all!