Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not a Piece of CAKE!

These adorable, yummy cupcake bites have been the bane of my existence for the past two days! In my daily visits to my favorite blogs, I saw that EmTall had made some beautiful bites. I visited the website she got the recipe from and it sounded SOOO easy. It called for one 13x9 cake and an entire container of frosting. Combining the two turned my cake back to cake batter - "goopy mush" was how I was referring to it. 3 cakes later, I got the consistency I wanted and it was on to the coating. The candy melts weren't as smooth as I'd like them to have been but the TASTE was worth all of the work to get them to take shape. (Em - I want your secret as to how yours turned out so beautiful.) This is a first attempt. They went over so big at our small group that I will definitely make the recipe again.


Emily said...

Way to go, Kel! I think they look great. They are tedious to make but everyone does seem to love 'em. Not sure what my secret was. I think making sure they were really well frozen before dipping them helps a lot. And you want to make sure your candy coating is warm enough that you get a smooth finish when you dip them.
Yours turned out great! I'm glad everyone liked them. :)