Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

Poor Ace has had no fun lately. So here's an update on a whole lot of nothing...
He got sick last week and came down with a really congested cough. We went to the doctor on Saturday morning but the LIGHTS WENT OUT while we were there so the doctor had to do some old-fashioned diagnosis. We came home with two prescriptions which he is actually slurping up and asking for MORE!

So Saturday he didn't get to play with Aubrey or Brynley as planned. Instead, I went over to their house to babysit...and survived! The girls were dolls and it gave me hope that someday I'll be able to handle two babies (but it was only from 3:45 to 7:30).
Ace is still the most ticklish baby I know. It seems some days all we do is sit around and tickle just to hear him laugh. He will even say "tickle, tickle, tickle."
Looks like the leisure suit is back!
All is never perfect though. His favorite words right now are "no" and "mine." He doesn't completely understand that he's not allowed to say either of those but I'm working on it. I really hate those words (even though they still sound completely adorable out of his mouth).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ace's First Texans' Game

Yesterday, Jonathan got a call during church (we have to keep our cell phones on in case the nursery contacts us about Ace) from his company who happened to have two tickets on the 50 yard line at the Texans' game!!! What a no brainer.

Ace sat in our least he was short enough that his feet couldn't kick the fans in front of us.
Every time the crowd clapped and cheered Ace would clap and say "Yeah." It was ADORABLE!
Jonathan's company also has box seats so we visited at half time and found one of his FAN-atic co-workers. Ace was a little scared. It was a fun time. His first NFL football game...and probably the best seats he'll ever sit in!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Animal Noises

Ace is into everything animals and is constantly making animal noises at home, in the car, watching tv, in the bath...This is his favorite book (thanks Gabby and Pops) and here's two minutes of him reading it. The "bye, bye" at the end is just too sweet for words.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NOprah (Sorry Leah - It's a Rant)

I've always watched Oprah with a guarded mind, knowing that she doesn't completely believe the same things that I do. I think she's intelligent and powerful and had great taste in favorite things. I can appreciate, love and watchpeople even when they don't believe what I do. more Oprah for me.

When I hear her talk about our president-to-be and say that he's a source of hope and a spiritual figure, that his campaign was a spiritual movement and things like that...well, it is my humble opinion that those things can only be ascribed to the Lord. I think Billy Graham is a spiritual guy and he gives hope...but his spirit belongs to Jesus who is the source of his hope and he would never let you say that he is anything in his own power.

Oh Oprah. Fare the well. I'll still eat your favorite Greenburg turkey for Thanksgiving but not while watching your show.

Congrats Obama but...

McCain may not have won the election but he has the cutest constituent in all of America!

I know his eyes are closed in this one but I pretend like he's batting
his ENORMOUS lashes at his Mommy/photographer.
As a side note: Ace wore this t-shirt to the gym last night. One of his favorite ladies in the nursery said (when I picked him up) that Ace was quite the politician because he would NOT stop talking the entire time but no one could understand what he was saying.
I'm still laughing at that joke.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Ace woke up this morning ready to get out the vote!
Who wouldn't vote for this face?
I have been WAITING for this t-shirt FOREVER and it finally came in the mail today AFTER I had already dropped Ace of at Nana's. I'll get him in it this afternoon and post his photo later.
Self-expression at it's best.

Our Halloween

Here are some pictures of our Friday night Halloween adventures.
Jonathan carved an AWESOME pumpkin for Halloween. It's a quarter of ghosts singing!!!! Maybe he missed his called as a professional pumpkin-carver.

Ace got to trick-or-treating about 6:45. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were awful.

Thank you Meme for my Halloween costume. Black spandex isn't so flattering on me anymore so I opted to add a jean-skirt to my skeleton. If I can get on the ball for next year, I'll make myself a spookier skirt.
Aunt B trooped along all night and even bought her own Frankenstein mask. Ace was pretty terrified of it so she ended up not wearing it for most of the night.
This is how trick-or-treating SHOULD be done.
Thank you Gabby and Pops for the adorable Halloween pjs. They glowed in the dark and Ace kept pointing to the black cats on his pjs and saying "Meow."

We gave away most of his candy to other trick-or-treaters but he did get a package of M&Ms and a Dum Dum on Halloween. What a fun night!