Monday, November 10, 2008

Ace's First Texans' Game

Yesterday, Jonathan got a call during church (we have to keep our cell phones on in case the nursery contacts us about Ace) from his company who happened to have two tickets on the 50 yard line at the Texans' game!!! What a no brainer.

Ace sat in our least he was short enough that his feet couldn't kick the fans in front of us.
Every time the crowd clapped and cheered Ace would clap and say "Yeah." It was ADORABLE!
Jonathan's company also has box seats so we visited at half time and found one of his FAN-atic co-workers. Ace was a little scared. It was a fun time. His first NFL football game...and probably the best seats he'll ever sit in!


The Bailes said...

Love the last pic...Ace does look scared!