Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Discovery Green

I always see activities at Discovery Green and have wanted to have a picnic there for a few weeks and Sunday was our day. We went to church on Saturday night JUST SO that we could go early Sunday when there wasn't a crowd and I'm so glad we did.
The playground was small but I liked that it didn't have a lot of openings for the kids to fall out and off the bridge, which I always stress out about.

They had these "birds nests" which looked to be made out of woven seat belts. He was timid at first but eventually ended up on the big one which is about 10 feet off the ground!

I remembered the bubbles but they were duds and we couldn't get anything to blow out of them.

This is one of my favorite moments of all time. I remembered the football and Ace was all over it. Jonathan and I threw it back and forth and Ace wanted in on the action. So we took turns holding him on our hip, throwing and catching.
He would run up to you and throw the ball full force when he was only one foot from you. Sometimes the ball was dropped behind his head! We've got to teach him to tuck in into his body rather than holding it over his head. Haven't ever seen that carrying method in the NFL.
Jonathan wasn't up for a picnic so we took Ace to the Aquarium for lunch. He LOVED it. His favorite were the eels and he said "eel, eel" and "goldfish" (sounded more like "goldsish")throughout our entire lunch.
It was a fabulous day and we all got fabulous naps when we got home.