Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aubrey turns 3!

Aubrey turned 3 on Monday and we helped her celebrate yesterday at Bridgeland's pool. They had watermelon (which Aubrey was exceedingly happy about) but Ace couldn't quite figure out how to eat. I never thought I'd have to teach JONATHAN'S child how to eat watermelon!
Ace and Aubrey turned into the cheeseball-bandits after Aubrey accidentally tipped over the container. No matter that they had fallen on the floor. We scooped them onto a plate and they ran from the plate to the pool and back a million times.

I ended up with a horrible sunburn. Mental note: Put on sunscreen BEFORE heading to the pool because once there, there will be NO time to apply it.

Happy third birthday Aubrey, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jonathan and Ace love you.