Friday, May 29, 2009

Kung Fu Panda

ATTENTION ALL MOTHERS: Kung Fu Panda is awesome! This is Ace's favorite new movie. Jonathan found it on a movie channel the other night and Ace kept talking about it. Friday night, we found it again and watched the second half with him. At one point, the Panda fights with a Leopard and Ace started shouting, "Oh no. The Leopard." He said it about 30 times, getting more and more emphatic. I thought it might be scaring him but he wouldn't let us change the channel. He's watched it three times since. He woke up this morning asking for "Po." (That's the Panda's name.)
Cute, cute. And the message is that all you have to be, to be the best, is yourself.
It also made me realize that Ace is not ready for a movie theater. He talks and yells throughout the entire movie. =)


The Bailes said...

Hmmm, Ace sounds like me at the movies :). Lea gets mad at me because I talk to loud!