Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Only For Ace!

I am not responsible for what damage may be done to eardrums for anyone who listens to these other than Ace.

Good Morning Ace!

Acey, Do you want to sing with Mommy?

(Honey - watch out, I jump at the screen on the last note to Jingle Bells. It will make him laugh. Just don't want to give you a heart attack. Sorry to ruin the surprise.)

Acey, Want to sing like KaiLan?

Acey, Time for catechisms (our style)?

Night, night Ace. Mommy loves you with her whole heart.

Will I be doing these when he goes to college I wonder...


Suz said...

Your videos may be only meant for Ace, but Anna Kate could not get enough. She kept saying more more when they would end. Maybe you have a career in children's videos :)