Monday, May 18, 2009

We're Back!

We had a great time on our cruise and are refreshed but are soooo happy to be back with Ace. He smelled so good when we got home yesterday. He kind of ignored me at first and asked for everyone but me...but he warmed up after dinner and was his old self by bed time. I'm working on the Cruise scrapbook but thought I'd upload some short videos.

Humor me on this one...this is the coolest invention ever. Wish I would have thought of it. It was in the Chicago airport. Wonder how much it costs to put one of these in our house...

The changing of the guards in Athens. These are authentic, military uniforms. We were told that the pom poms on the shoes were for hiding a weapon. They change EVERY hour. I wouldn't imagine it'd be very easy to fight in a skirt but our guide told us they wore pleated skirts to hide weapons in each pleat.

Notice the dog in the center who could care less about this.

The Vatican. A wobbly 30 seconds that ends looking up at the central dome of St. Peters. Nothing can be built taller than the central dome in Rome so that the top can be seen from any hilltop of the city.

You've got to love cruiseboat entertainment. There were two guys creating this midget. Jonathan said one guy is the face and his arms are in the legs. Another guy is just the arms. How they ever coordinated for this, I don't know. It was really funny.

I'll upload a link to the book as soon as it's finished but Jonathan and I took over 700 pictures so it's sure to take me a while.

Thank you again Honey and Sashi for taking such wonderful care of our most precious little man!


Anonymous said...

What a great vacation!! LOVE the videos!!