Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI - The 5th Judge

Here's my take on last night's performances. Remember, I love Kris Allen so I'm biased that way.

1st Song - Contestant's Choice
I like Adam better when he picks things up and sings like Aerosmith so the subdued performance wasn't my favorite way to get the show started. I am SOOO tired of Idols singing "Ain't No Sunshine" BUT I love the way Kris sang it. My favorite performance from him all season was Kanye West's whatever-it's-called from last week but I bet he didn't want to sing it two weeks in a row. I need to download that off ITunes! I agree with Simon, round 1 - Kris.

2nd Song - Simon Fuller Choice
Ummm...not the greatest song choices. Adam is really hip so "Things are gonna change" is just too old for him. Glad he left the leather aside for a nice suit though. I really liked Kris's song this round. I don't get what the judges were complaining about saying that it was too laid back. He's laid back. I love it when he gets the guitar out and is accompanied by those bongos. I think it's cool. It wasn't as deep as "Aint No Sunshine" but he was lightening things up.

3rd Song - First Single
Ugh. Does anyone remember how phenomenal "Dream Big" was when David Cook sang it last was the one written by a viewer but not the first single??? I loved that. I was hoping for another "Dream Big" performance but it was all kind of o.k. I was worried when AI gave them the same song because Adam has such range that he can kind of kick Kris to the curb BUT Kris has me feeling such good emotions when he sings that I don't get with Adam. So, I don't know who did better. Better watch it again before the finale tonight.

I really think that Danny's voters will go over to Kris's side. I'm hoping. They are such different singers. Someone does need to tell Kris to watch his facial contortions when he's singing AND tell Adam to stop sticking his tongue out on those high notes. What do I know, maybe it helps.

Great, great season. Can anyone name all of the past Idols??? (Not in order.)

Kelly Clarkson
Jordin Sparks
Taylor Hicks
Clay Aiken
Fantasia Burrino (sp?)
Carrie Underwood
David Cook

Hee. Hee.


Meredith said...

I thought Ruben Studdard won, not Clay Aiken...maybe I'm confused :-) They all come out with albums so I have a hard time keeping up. I have tonight's finale on DVR to watch tomorrow!