Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Fourth

We had a quiet Fourth of July. Jonathan grilled some phenomenal nilgai burgers and Aunt "Hairy," Uncle "Nafan," Aubrey and Brynley came over.

We stripped these two for the watermelon and we GLAD we did.

Ace got more juice on him than watermelon in his mouth.

Precious Brynley.
Waiting for fireworks, Jonathan let Ace not-so-sneak some of Aunt Hilary's chocolate chip cookies.
We ended up staying home in anticipation of being able to watch the fireworks from our house (nearby neighborhoods were having them) and it turned out that two of our neighbors practically had a fireworks competition that played out right over our backyard! Ace loved all of the fireworks and now doesn't understand why we don't have them every night.


The Bailes said...

I love the pic of Ace on the red checkered cloth eating his watermelon in the diaper! His smile is too cute :)