Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun but no Fireworks

How could you NOT have fun over a long weekend with these two?

Lily Kate was in a great mood all weekend. She was getting all of the attention she loves so much.
This one was mischevous, as always. Jonathan and I took him to see Transformers 3. It was fun just to focus on him for a little bit.

This is her "up-to-no-good" face. Don't worry, after a few knocks, she knows how to get down.

I worked on the kids' photo albums all weekend (trying to catch up on 2010 still) and Ace was content to lay in my office like this. He is just so sweet. He just wants to be close to somebody.


The Bailes said...

LOVE your 4th of July pizza, too cute! Their sweet smiling faces are precious.

Miss Minnesota said...

Oh cute are these two! Fun blog, and way cute family. Looking forward to more posts :)