Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lily's FirstBirthday Party

I gave in and let Lily Kate turn one.

Despite the fact I said we weren't doing anything big, the decorations kind of got out of hand. We went for a Pixie Hollow look.
Lizzy, in one of the Tinkerbell movies, thought fairies only ate sweets so we had plenty to go around (guests were invited to make their own mix to take home as a 'thank you').
Having just ONE cake wouldn't do. All of the fairies made an appearance. (Seriously, these came from Walmart and tasted amazing.)

We got an extra Tinkerbell for Lily Kate's smash cake.

I think I could have just blown up a few balloons and Lily would have been just as delighted.

I remember enjoying the time Ace ate his first birthday cake. Lily's first birthday cake was so entertaining. She almost went through the whole thing before any of us took it away because we had such fun watching her.

She got a bath mid-party after the state she was in.

Beautiful birthday girl with Gabby and Pops.

Thank you everyone who came, helped and celebrated the sweetest, messiest birthday girl in our lives.

P.S. Credits also must go to my amazingly talented husband. Jonathan made fajitas, bacon-wrapped mango shrimp and some pretty darn good guacamole.

I will never tell anyone that we are "planning a small party" again.


She McCord said...

that picture of her finishing up her smash cake is precious! too cute!!

Emily said...

Ha! We did the same thing. Ella had a "small birthday brunch" yesterday. :)
Happy Birthday, Lily Kate!

The Windsors said...

Amazing party! I love the decorations!

Meredith said...

Love all your decorations! You did a great job! Happy birthday, Lily Kate!

Callie said...

So cute Kelly. I love all your details!
Happy Birthday Lily Kate!!

The Bailes said...

haha, yes...we can't ever do anything "small" can we?! I'm ALL about a good birthday party and theme. Everything looked amazing, Kelly. I want more pics!