Saturday, December 6, 2008

Delinquent Blogger

AH! I have wanted to update the blog for so long and run out of time every day. I get so excited to see that friends have updated theirs while not returning the excitement. I've got to get my latest photos downloaded...but first...I must ask: Who invented Christmas cards???? I LOVE them. I love creating them, I love receiving them but trying to get these things to print perfectly is like chasing my TAIL.

plain paper or photo
borderless or white borders
landscape or portrait
glossy or matte
full page fax print or full page photo print

I know, "Kelly, use Shutterfly or one of the million easy applications online." I HEAR ya but I waited too late and have a cool program on my computer (not so cool at this moment). All so that friends and family can pin it amongst the other cards from loved ones among whom we are lucky to be counted. No one will know how many times I printed it, whether the photo is milimeters off-center, or if the font looked better in white.

AH! Let me stop...I just achieved the perfect print. Be excited friends and family. The cards are on their way. Life just got a little better. I will post pictures of why you really visit this blog tonight or tomorrow.


The Bailes said...

Yes...I have been wondering where you were ;) Life gets busy, busy with babies, girl! ;) I can't wait to see your Christmas cards, if I'm a lucky one!