Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bachelor Commentary

Yippee! Last night's Bachelor was good but the previews of the season were GREAT! What the mess...Deanna comes back?! Please, please Jason...do not accept her back. Let me disclaim all of these comments as my own opinion and remind everyone that I could never stand out on such a show because, according to Jonathan, I'm a wallflower.

I thought I saw Molly a lot in the previews and I like her...I'm thinking she may stay around awhile.

Naomi is the Eva Mendez look-alike. I think she's beautiful and seems really nice. I hope she stays around.

Adios to the Wedding Planner. She seemed super-cute and you've got to feel for a girl who plans everyone else's weddings but I think Jason had good intuition from her because she seemed a little immature to me.

Loved the Dental Hygenist but she was a little too informed on him and it came across a little strong. She's adorable though and I share her love of a good smile. Better keep her away from Jonathan.

The single mom who was voted for by all of the girls...she was a little to high on her Mommy horse for me. If he's looking for a kind-heart, I think her bleeped comment to the girls after the vote disqualifies her.

LOVED Stacia - the single mom that he didn't give a rose to. I bet she's a wallflower.

I think that the widow seems to have such a beautiful heart. She is so put together. I would love to be her friend.

Good first impression rose to Nikki. STUN-NING. Awesome dress. I didn't catch her in a lot of the previews so I'm wondering what happens to her.

That's my synopsis. No telling what will actually happen. I will have stronger opinions as the season goes on. LOVE the show. LOVE the new twist at the beginning of the girls voting - great way to stir the pot right at the start. Looks like he kisses a lot of girls. Saw several bath tub scenes. Why do I STILL love this show?????

He is definitely my favorite Bachelor to date.


Meredith said...

Wow, Kel! I don't have to watch the show and can just check your blog for a weekly update :-) I've never gotten into it but think it's hilarious that you love it so much!

smithec said...

Kelly - I missed the live airing but watched it on abc last night. I thought the first night was pretty average, but the previews for what's coming - OH MY!!! What in the world is going on with Deanna?!?!? Do you think there is any chance they rekindle the flame? Personally, I think she only wants what she can't have (I was never a big fan of hers).