Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I watched...

...The Bachelor
Monday's 2-hour episode was great. I was disappointed in my original choices: Molly and Naomi. Molly was the one who told Jason she was good at kissing...yikes...kind of desperate. Naomi spilled her heart and said she wanted to be friends first but then LAMELY asked if friends could kiss! These girls are gorgeous...what's with the desperate attempts to get a kiss. First impression rose recipient, Nikki, came across as the mother of the house. She needs to show her fun Jillian. I thought she was cute and nice. I was indifferent to those he booted at the rose ceremony. I kind of felt the awkwardness during some of the conversations AND WHAT WAS WITH the Brazillian waiting for him in the car. She may as well just take that car back home after I saw his reaction! Can't wait for next week!

...American Idol
Ace was giggling and getting my attention during the premier last night but I still managed to watch most of it. I'm interested to see how far the bikini girl gets once she puts her clothes back on. (I'm just jealous of her perfect behind.) LOVED X-ray and his dance moves. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the 16-year-old who started the nursing home group. I loved the quality of her voice and will vote for her if she makes it that far. I was a little disappointed in the new judge. Whenever I could hear, I didn't hear her saying much. (Except when her pink-cowboy-hat-wearing biggest fan came in.) Did anyone notice that Paula REALLY got mad at Simon at one point where they had to blur out her middle finger. Yikes. The oil rig worker who san Boyz to Men is definitely one to watch. Too much to comment on.

I love TV!