Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cousin Videos

Hilary and Nathan never ask me to babysit the girls even though we are always asking them to take care of Ace. So when they asked Aunt Kelly to watch Brynley and Aubrey while they went to a church group party, I grabbed my camera.

EVERY time Ace and Aubrey see each other, they run to one another with open arms. It is the SWEETEST greeting and I just melt every time they do it. I finally caught it on video.

Jonathan came over with pizza for dinner so we stripped the kids and set them up at the table. I asked them what they were going to be for Halloween: Cinderella, an airplane pilot and a pumpkin. I think Aubrey called me a cow!

And this is Miss Brynley just being cute (with Ace's hiny right in her face). She was so soft and cuddly all night. She'd walk right in front of me and plop her tiny hiny in my lap.

Am I a lucky aunt or what?! Each kid cried once, there were a few time outs and I consider the night a success. I let Ace and Aubrey eat a cookie in the bathtub...anyone know what a wet, chocolate chip cookie looks like. It was gross. I live and I learn. They played and played and Ace went straight to bed when we got home.


Emily said...

Those little girls are lucky to have such a great Aunt! Cute videos.