Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Houston Children's Museum

We took Ace to the Children's Museum TWO weekends ago (finally getting the pics off my camera) and had such fun. Of course, Ace gravitated to the one thing that he does ALL the time at home: the cars (or closest thing to them).
Second thing that was like home: banging on things!
Love my boys. They ended up playing Legos most of the time.
They had a HUGE guy made out of old telephones. Ace got on a payphone and thought he was talking to his must have been the phones (since Sashi worked for AT&T for so long).
We'll definitely go again. I just wish it was closer to the house.


cmhouston said...

How’s it going, Evans Family?

Thank you for sharing your fun times at the Children's Museum of Houston.

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Emily said...

Weird that the childrens' museum commented here, huh?