Monday, October 26, 2009

HE DID IT!!!!!

Acey pee-peed in the potty last night!!!!!
I have been putting Ace on the potty every night before his bath. Usually he acts like I'm trying to put his hiny on hot coals. He stiffens his legs out straight, reaches for me and says, "nononononononononono." For a little while now, he has humored me and sat on the potty but he doesn't go and as soon as his toes hit the warm water he pees (so we drain the tub, refill and on and on). So, the other day I thought, "Hmmm, warm water."
Last night, I sat him on the potty and poured warm water on his "don't touch." (I've done this before with no results except for uncontrollable laughter - his and mine.) Nothing happened the first time I did it last night but the second time he peed!!! I scared him by jumping with joy so it stopped but once he looked down again he started going again. And it ALL went into the bowl!!!!!! We danced, we sang, we twirled around, he got chocolate, we called Honey and Sashi, we PARTIED.
Potty training is soooo close I can feel it. I'm scared of how it will affect my work day but we'll adjust, we always do.
Hearing him tell his Daddy "I pee-pee in the potty" was just the BEST. My little man is growing up and I can finally buy him the cutest undies ever.


smithec said...

hooray!!! way to go ace! i loved reading this.:)

Anonymous said...

Yea for Ace!!!

The Notetaker said...

Good job, bud!! Funny how exciting it can be, huh?

Meredith said...

That's hilarious!! Yea Ace!!