Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Whenever I move my photos onto my computer, I have a random assortment to post. Here's the latest...Sunday, we made pumpkins (LOVE these because they'll last longer and make less mess than the carved ones...I always hate the mess and loathe spending money on pumpkins that stink up my front porch after two weeks.) See if you can guess who is who...
Right to left: Jonathan, Ace, Mommy. (I've got the bloodshot eyes! Appropro.) Ace keeps telling me that "Daddy's got boogers" whenever we are at the table.
Poor Hula. Happy Ace.
Pouting Ace.
More pouting. I can't even remember what he did that required an, "I'm sorry," but he's been real stubborn lately that he does NOT want to apologize. What a cute pout though, right?

Being silly.
I heard, "Help. Help." This is what I found...a little stinker thinking he was pretty cute. He was right.


Emily said...

How is it that Ace looks so much more grown up than when I saw him just a month ago?! Goodness!
Jakey has that green baseball shirt too. :)

Meredith said...

Love the pumpkins!