Thursday, November 5, 2009

Air Show

With a name like Ace, sometimes it's eerie how much he likes airplanes. Like his name was chosen for him. I know the Lord is going to give him a new name in Heaven but He's going to be hard pressed to find one more appropriate.
B promised to take Ace to see the Blue Angels two months ago and Ace has been able to talk of little else since. Here they are fixing to go into a plan that is used to monitor hurricanes.B even bought Ace earphones to protect his little ears from the loud engines. We wished we would have had some. You have no idea how loud these things are until you are right beside them.
Precious and SOOOOOOOO typical Ace.
It surprised me how much I liked looking at all of the old planes and watching them fly.
Ace loves his Uncle James.
A close second to airplanes, Ace loves cars and he ALWAYS points out a Hummer when he sees one. This little go-cart of a Hummer thrilled him.
Here, Ace is in the cockpit of the hurricane plane. He always insists on being buckled up whenever he's behind a wheel.
Our little pilot was pooped so he didn't actually get to see the Blue Angels fly. We won't miss it next year.

We had such a great time and Ace got to see a P-51 which is what his Paw Paw flew (my Mom's Dad). Turns out his great-grandpa on through Jonathan's dad was also a pilot. Maybe it's in the blood although, watching all of the planes do tricks and fly so fast, it will be terrifying if Ace does become a pilot. I wanted to lose my breakfast just watching. Can't wait to go back.


Meredith said...

Ace looks so cute wearing the jacket and headphones! BTW, love your brown hair!

The Bailes said...

WOW, there's a lot of airplanes on the entire page! I can't wait to see what he does next year when he actually gets to see the blue angels! BTW: I LOVE ACE's costume, and proud of you for dressing up too!