Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Resolution

I am not making a New Year's resolution this year but I have made a resolution for the month of January: No fast food (including restaurants).

I'm putting it out there so that you can keep me accountable.

So far, I'm not craving my quarter-pounder with cheese and I've managed to resist french fries (brought home by my husband who claimed the month hadn't started yet...but it was Jan 2nd). Jonathan says he's going to do it too but go a little easier on him if you see him out - he doesn't have a choice for lunches and has allowed a cheat night for himself on the weekends.

My first tricky test will be Saturday. We're going to see Monster Jam and I've got to resist everything at the Stadium!!!

P.S. Not for weight loss purposes so don't ask me.


Anonymous said...

ood Luck to you both!! Can't wait to hear an update at the end of the month!

The Notetaker said...

Way to go, Kel! You can do it. Reading about the french fries makes me wish I had some right now. Dirty first trimester cravings!