Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ace is coming home!!!

We are sooooooooooo excited!
Acey is coming home tomorrow!!!
Our hearts will be complete again!
Ace spent the first week of Lily Kate's life at B's house. The next Tuesday, he went to San Antonio to spend the week with Honey and Sashi. After too many tears to count over the past two weeks from missing him, Ace is coming home tomorrow. Yippee!!!
When Ace was born, I told everyone I wanted nothing more than to be alone at home with Ace and Jonathan. When Ace was a c-section, I realized how bad I needed help. This time around, I called in the troops and they were AWESOME! B took Ace so that I could take advantage of Honey at home with me and Lily Kate. Ace could not have been happier anywhere else - B personally knows the present fairy and she came to visit Ace every morning! He's had a blast at Honey's but hearing his sweet voice say, "Mommy, I want to come to my house," just broke my heart into a million pieces.
Mudflap, Skids is soooooooo ready to kiss all over your face tomorrow.