Friday, April 4, 2008

First Day At Flo's

Thursday was Ace's first day at Nana's Day Care. It took me about two hours to get all of his gear together and get him fed. I had to WAKE him up at 8:15 to eat breakfast and go.

After loading Ace into the stroller, we walked the block to Flo's. She lives about 3 houses down from the mailbox. The fact that she lives so close is a huge blessing.

I found Flo's through our neighborhood yahoo group. I was asking for suggestions on daycare because I wanted something just part time but that would keep Ace all day. I got several e-mails that same day recommending her, including one from a mom that has moved but loves Flo enough to recommend her even though she's moved!

So Ace will be going to Flo's Tuesday and Thursday from about 9am to 4pm. She said that he didn't even cry when I left on Thursday. He played super-hard because he snuggled up to Jonathan last night practically begging to be put to bed. (Notice the two babies in the background of this photo playing under the chair!) She keeps 4 other babies ranging in age from 1 to 2 (with Ace being the youngest). I'm so, so excited. God just dropped this in my and Jonathan's laps and we are super, super thankful. Once again, I just know that the Lord takes care of us mommies!