Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick Evans' update.
1. Ace - he is saying words! Finally! Today he said "Dora" and "cracker." He has really started repeating what we say. His favorite book is "Brown Bear" (thanks Gabby and Pops) and he loves to roar whenever he sees a lion (several books and toys). I mean he seriously loves to roar. I'll try to get it on video.
2. Jonathan - is in Waco tonight and tomorrow. He's speaking to some Baylor business classes. He said that being back in Waco was confirmation of his decision to uproot and move to Houston. I'm really grateful for his confidence in his decision. He works so hard he's too exhausted to talk about it when he comes home.
3. Kelly - I am lamenting over People Magazine's upcoming cover...yes, Clay is gay. No need to tell me that you told me so. I'm devastated. I'm too busy to cry long though - headed to Waco on Friday to give a QuickBooks training seminar.
4. Hula - is a MESS and Ace's favorite play toy. Everyday, at some point, I put her in her crate thinking...if Ace messed with me like that, I would bite him so I better separate them before she decides she's had enough.

House...I've called the insurance agent and put in a claim because Ace's room smells HORRENDOUS! I'm praying that it isn't mold but am afraid it's either that or something has died in the floor. Ace is sleeping in the guest room.

What a crazy life the Lord has us living! I'm thankful for health and happiness, jobs and family!