Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on IKE

I just talked to Jonathan and he said that last night was not what he expected. He said he thought it'd be like a really bad thunderstorm but there was no thunder and no lightning. He thought there was lightning but it was the transformers blowing. He thinks that the neighbor's house shielded ours for most of the night but the winds are now out of the south and buffeting the front of our house. He thinks our garage door is done and is a little worried about the front windows. The power is out and he doesn't have any water but he has telephone...thank you AT&T! He said that he's been listening to the radio that said the power companies were going to start working on restoring power on MONDAY. They apparently have to take a helicopter to assess everything and then they'll start with the worst of it. Hula...well...she slept through all of it according to Jonathan (she takes after her mommy). Hilary, Nathan and the babies are ok as well. They lost the two trees in their backyard but I think that was the worst of their damage. Mom and I briefly talked to Uncle James this morning. Aunt B was sleeping but they got hit harder than anyone since they are so close to I45.

I'm so thankful that Jonathan is okay. I'm just really anxious to go home and see him.


Meredith said...

I'm glad he's okay! I'm sure you're ready to get home to see him :-) I've been watching the news and praying for all of our friends in H-town.