Monday, December 29, 2008

New Do

A New Year calls for a new hairdo.
I have to admit that the ONLY reason I even wanted to give Ace a mohawk is because I wanted the boys to have the same haircut. Here is Braedyn's (a little Razorback).
It fits Ace's little personality better than I ever thought it would. He looks like a million bucks.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 Years!

Happy 5-year anniversary Jonathan.
I love you more each moment that passes.

You are my best friend.
You are honorable and kind.

You are hilarious.
You are a gentle Dad.

You are the hardest worker
You are a thoughtful husband.
You make me feel protected and safe.
I love you for those qualities...

...and for the way that you love the Lord, Ace and me. 5 years brings a lot of ups and downs but I would only ever want to experience them with you. I love you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We Believe!

This morning Ace thought long and hard and he wrote Santa
a list of everything he wants for Christmas.
Daddy helped.

He wanted to use ALL of the colors but Daddy only wanted him to use red and green.
Ace won and Santa received many colors on the wish list.

Hopefully Santa will get his letter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shrine to Ace

Jonathan has been calling my office a shrine to Ace after I made a photo collage of him. I disagree. Who wouldn't want to look at these photos all day while you work???

Jonathan's just jealous! Oh well, I still have two blank shelves for my favorite photos of him.

Cabinet Fun

One of Ace's favorites places to play is in his kitchen cabinets. Originally I put the tupperware in there but everything in that cabinet gets thrown on and dragged across the floor and is now un-useable. So now it's all just Ace's.

Here we are after I said "Night, night Acey."

And here's just a scream for good measure. It was a scream of delight though. Yes, there is a difference and he's given me plenty of practice lately on distinguishing the two.
And here's a glimpse of the fun we were having.

What did I ever DO on week nights before my Acey arrived? Keep in mind, he had all of this energy after we spent an hour at Target just playing around in the toy section.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Summary

This weekend we had the entire family in Houston: Honey, Sashi, Aunt Leah & Uncle Allen, Brookelyn, Braedyn, Gabby and Pops! The Gilliams came in for Christmas at Granny's and the Evans came in because Aubrey was having her tonsils out. Coveniently, our church was having baby dedication so we decided better late than never to get Ace dedicated. Ace is OBSESSED with the Hallmark singing snowmen that Gabby gave us a few years ago. He calls them "Noah." Here he is sitting on the stairs. He is saying "cheese" for the camera.

Here is Tata in heaven! I love my "Bookend" and "Baedyn."

Here is some video of Ace asking for me play the snowmen for the millionth time. He says "MO-EY" when he wants more.

Yippee! Yippee!!

I LOVE the Bachelor (much to Jonathan's dismay) and am MORE excited than EVER that it's Jason! January...come on already.
I'm a little weary that they are going to involve his hopefully they will do all in good taste and protect that little boy. I will be watching am sure to have an opinion. if I needed any more TRASH to watch.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giggle Box

After the snow, I didn't have the heart to put Ace upstairs in his play-yard so we played with Hula.

Ace found a spot in the laundry basket to watch tv.


Yesterday, about 3:45, I looked out the front door and thought I was going was SNOWING! My angel was sleeping but I woke him up from his nap and slapped on his shoes, mittens and his winter jacket and we outside.
It is the second time it's snowed since Ace was born. The first was in Waco the second day we were home from the hospital but, of course, he'd never remember that so it was the first time he'd seen snow.

I bought a $5 Santa from Walmart because I just knew Ace would love it. I was right. He always calls Santa "Noah" but he can say Santa too.

If we could bottle cuteness and sell it, we'd be millionaires!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally - New Photos and Video

With our Daddy working long hours, Honey and Sashi in Thailand and Gabby and Pops travelling the midwest, we haven't been up to much of anything lately. (That's my excuse for not posting.) So here are just a few videos and photos of Ace being Ace.

Ace was saying "3...2...1...go" and pushing on Hula's hiny. By the time I grabbed the camera he was just saying "3...2...3...2..." and then "weeeeeeeeeeee."

He's growing awfully handsome. YES, in 2009 we are getting rid of the paci.

Sheer delight and mischief.

Ace has learned to say "Hello" and it's the sweetest little voice so I was trying to get it on camera, that's why I keep telling him to say "hello." Keep in mind that we have removed the couches and rugs so Jonathan could seal the floor, Ace was loving the echo and Jonathan was TRYING to sleep.

We love our Acey.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Delinquent Blogger

AH! I have wanted to update the blog for so long and run out of time every day. I get so excited to see that friends have updated theirs while not returning the excitement. I've got to get my latest photos downloaded...but first...I must ask: Who invented Christmas cards???? I LOVE them. I love creating them, I love receiving them but trying to get these things to print perfectly is like chasing my TAIL.

plain paper or photo
borderless or white borders
landscape or portrait
glossy or matte
full page fax print or full page photo print

I know, "Kelly, use Shutterfly or one of the million easy applications online." I HEAR ya but I waited too late and have a cool program on my computer (not so cool at this moment). All so that friends and family can pin it amongst the other cards from loved ones among whom we are lucky to be counted. No one will know how many times I printed it, whether the photo is milimeters off-center, or if the font looked better in white.

AH! Let me stop...I just achieved the perfect print. Be excited friends and family. The cards are on their way. Life just got a little better. I will post pictures of why you really visit this blog tonight or tomorrow.