Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Potty Talk

Three days in a row Ace has pee peed on the potty in the morning!
LeLe (Leah) gave him potty stickers and a potty chart last year for his birthday and we are just now getting it out. The potty chart sits above the toilet roll and Ace INSISTS on holding it too his chest and saying, "That's MY potty chart."
He gets one sticker on each hand and one on the chart for each success. Good thing LeLe gave us a pack of 124 dinosaur stickers.

He's so proud of himself and so am I. I think Thanksgiving is going to be the big week of concentrated training but, in the meantime, he gets put on the potty about four times a day to try. Wish me luck!!! (I'm hoping to get a poop soon. Every time he has a poopy diaper he raises his hiny out of his diaper saying, "Mommy get it, get it." As if he hasn't been in a poopy diaper for more than 5 minutes!)