Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wee Wuns

Ace took his Honey, Aunt Hilary, cousins Aubrey and Brynley and Mommy to the Wee Wuns Fall Festival on Friday night. He dressed in his costume and loved himself some pumpkins.

Ace HATES wearing his costume for about the first 15 minutes. He screams when we put his Frankenpants on and wails when we lift his Frankenhead over his little head.
Luckily, he was distracted enough that we got his head on him although you can tell he resisted at first because his bolts are sagging - he pulls on them while wailing to have it taken off.

I love this photo. It's like he thinks he'll be able to roll those pumpkins right into his room. We got a pumpkin at the Farm on Saturday and it's waiting to be carved in our foyer. Every time we walk in the door, Ace pats the pumpkin hello.
Although the cousins aren't looking, Ace is giving an adorable face.
Ace loves Honey!

Ace got a Frankenstein tattoo while at the festival. The paci had to come out during the application process because he didn't quite understand what was happening. It had to be washed off that night because he thought it was a sticker and kept trying to eat it off his hand.

Does life get better than this? Watching Ace with his enthusiasm for even a temporary tattoo makes life so sweet.


The Bailes said...

LOVE the pics...and ACEnstein! :)