Monday, December 20, 2010

Naughty or Nice???

Gabby and Pops gave us a little happy last time they visited us: two hand towels. One says "Naughty" and one says "Nice." I had NO idea that they would turn into such a big deal (or such a great discipline tool!).
Naughty Face!
Nice Face!
Ace's explanation of the towels:

As soon as you tell him that you are going to put out the green (Naughty) towel, he breaks into hysterics and tells you that he's nice and going to be good. (He was mad at me earlier today and told me that he was going to put the green towel out on me!)
THANK YOU Gabby and Pops!
We love these and they may stay out all year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

No reason

Because I'm on a blogging roll, here's some more pics.
Lily Kate after she's rolled over.
Typical Ace during naptime. Toys piled on.
Modeling her Christmas duds from Honey.
They were a hit at Ace's Christmas party yesterday.
Check out that arm! Don't mess with my chunky monkey.
I can't resist these piggies.
Indulge me as I blog about Ace's Christmas party. I woke him up and told him "Ace, today is your Christmas party." He said "Am I gonna be four?" I said, "No, it's a birthday party for baby Jesus not you." He said, "Momma, I'm gonna eat ALL baby Jesus' cake!"
It is so fun to watch him with all his little friends. We had to bring a wrapped book for a book exchange. After his teacher explained what they were going to do and got EVERYONE quiet (including parents) I guess Ace thought the floor was his because he shouted, "Mrs. Maywald, we got a book from TARGET!"
I had to get phone numbers from two moms who wanted Ace to come play. They don't even know what they are in for. I am so happy that the Lord has given our little man an enthusiastic and outgoing personality. Even though he's social, he can still be snuggly, calm and follow directions. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for 4. Ace will even say, "Momma I'm not testin' you." If THAT tells you anything about our conversations lately.
And...drum roll. Or...Lily Roll.
(And, yes, she's tooting in this video.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Growing Girl

Weighing in at a lucky 13 pounds and 13 ounces...
Lily Kate Evans
She passed her 4 month checkup with flying colors.
And lived up to one of her nicknames, Tinkerbell, by turning completely red in the face after being given two shots.
She celebrated her growth with a little rice cereal. We were really excited with how well she did. She's been smacking her lips for weeks. It was almost cruel that all she got for all that smacking was tasteless mush.
I've been listening to a bunch of mommas talk about their babies flipping onto their tummys, wondering why Lily Kate hadn't caught on yet. I needn't have worried. Tuesday and yesterday she's gone through a flipping frenzy. I guess she just needed the go ahead from her pediatrician.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Great Weekend

Gabby and Pops came in this weekend and they really outdid themselves.
Not only did they take care of the babies while Jonathan and I went golfing on Saturday morning, they stayed with Ace and Lily Kate while we went to dinner that night. We almost had the entire day to ourselves! It was a wonderful day together.
Lily Kate spent most of the weekend snuggling her Pops while Ace spent it learning Chutes and Ladders with Gabby and teaching them both all about Transformers.
Thanks Gabby and Pops!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I admit it. I take it for granted that Ace's cousins live in the neighboring subdivision. It is a huge blessing that I know will bring a lot of joy to Ace and Lily Kate as they grow.
Brynley loves her "K K."

If only my little toots knew how much they are loved!
Pops gets a sweet smile.
Gabby gets a scrunched face smile.
And I'm not so sure what Lily Kate is thinking.
Probably "Is it time to eat?"
I remember holidays with my cousins growing up (I had about 13 on my mom's side!). I know they'll share a special bond and I hope it's even stronger since we live so close.
Aubrey, Brynley, Ace and Froggie (Froggie stood in for Lily Kate who was asleep)
I am thankful to be in Houston close to cousins and family.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Froggy came to visit

At Ace's school, they have a backpack named Froggie who gets lonely when the kids leave so he goes home with a different child each weekend. Last weekend was our turn. Ace had a BLAST. (Sorry for the scanned pages. You may have to click on them to read 'em.)
Ace colored on every entry page. This is painful for his OCD Mom who wants everything perfect and pretty.
Got to love Lily Kate's ears. She gets them from her Mommy, Sashi and great-grandad Poppy Gil.

I didn't think he was going to let Froggie go so I finished the journal the night before school and we read it together. Last night, he asked me where Froggie was in a pitiful little voice and whimpered when I reminded him that he returned Froggie to Mrs. Maywald and Mrs. Coombs. He said, "Mama, I want a Froggie" to which I then threw the 3 stuffed animals at him which he's slept with for years: Horton the Elephant, Tole the Koala and Teddy Bear the...well, that's obvious. He asked if Santa would bring him one.
I think Santa's elves can whip one up before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Day Travels

We loaded up and headed to San Antonio for Thanksgiving this year. When I say "loaded up" I mean it. Jonathan's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving so he set the menu, I did the shopping and we loaded it all up in coolers to take and cook down at Honey and Sashi's. Yes - we lost our minds.
We started out Thanksgiving with Turkey Cinnamon Rolls. (Used cinnamon rolls, biscuits and sprinkles to make a festive breakfast. Ace loved it!) Yikes, Mommy needs some makeup.
Ummm...yes. Lily Kate is wearing her Halloween shirt on Thanksgiving. Sometimes, I really think I've given all of my brains to my kids. Oh well, just look for the Thanksgiving duds in our Christmas photos I guess.
Daddy and his mini-me.
More cooking with Ace. Honey bought all of the goodies to make Turkey cookies. We constructed about 4 before he lost interest.
My FAVORITE part of the holiday was the lighting of the RiverWalk. Honey got us incredible seats at an italian restaurant and all of the lights came on when it got dark. Ace's comment was that it looked like Pixie Hollow (Tinkerbell's Home). He was just amazed at the river parade that followed with all of the lighted boats.
We took Ace up to Sashi's office on our last afternoon in town. The Lighthouse is having a door decorating contest and everything used has to be recycled. We cut up an old bathmat for the tree and some newspaper for the music notes. Our singing ladies are smashed and painted Coke cans. We made their bows out of old Capri Sun juice boxes and beer bottle caps (courtesy of Ace and Jonathan, in that order).
Lily Kate transitioned to Christmas in style.

I love the holidays.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was smiling to myself this morning thinking about nicknames.
Here are Bubs and Mims.
I call Ace a million things: Bubba, Fuzzy, Bubs, Mini-man, Handsome, Bumble Bee & Dude are a few of the more common ones right now. Ace and I call Lily Kate "Mimmies" or "Mims" and it's rubbing off on everyone despite how silly it sounds.
My dad is King of Nicknames. When I was growing up, I had soooo many: Linus Gremlin, Cookin' Kell the Blonde Bombshell, Rottin Poot Bangs & Roozie are the memorable ones. They each have a long story behind them and make me giggle when I think of them. Mom and Dad still call me Rooz.
My sister was: Lonely Leona & Sissy Hot Dog Rainbow.
Jonathan was called "Easy." Hmmmmmm.
For me, they evoke such love and fun even though you sometimes sound ridiculous. I'm laughing right now reading back over this! Did you have a fun nickname???

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wings Over Houston

Aunt B and Uncle James have been going to the Houston Air Show for over 10 years. They used to go with my grandpa who flew during wartime. A picture of "Paw Paw Johnny" hangs in Ace's room and, though he is no longer physically with us, Ace talks about Paw Paw all the time and knows he flew. Paw Paw used to share his good candy only with me and he has a really special place in my heart.
Jonathan's grandad was a highly regarded airman too. Ace comes from good stock.
He was lovin' driving the hummer.
The big attraction this year were the Thunderbird. They were A-MA-ZING.

I cannot describe how closely they flew together. It was as if any of them changed their speed at all, they would touch.

Can't believe I actually managed a picture of one upside down and one right-side up! Most of the time, they were so fast my camera was pointed in the entirely wrong direction because they had flown past me.
Yup! He rode the mechanical bull. HE insisted that's what he wanted to do and, despite promising me he wouldn't cry, the bull bucked a little too much and he cried to be let off. Hey, high points for the attempt.
It was a fantastic time and Ace loved it. He told Uncle James as we left that "it was the greatest time." I have to give credit to Jonathan who stayed home with Lily Kate so that I could go. He did feedings, naps and everything!!! When I got home, she was happy, fed and clean. I am still pretty amazed. He was a little unhappy that he'd missed going to the HUGE Baylor win over Kansas in Waco but plans to travel to their bowl game to make up for it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ain't Settlin'

Love a good smile

Is there anything better than your babies' smiles? I'll answer that: NOPE.

I am so greedy for Lily Kate's for smiles.

Jonathan and I were soooo against "baby talk" with Ace. We got off that high horse when Lily Kate was born because she ADORES baby talk and we will do anything and talk anyhow to get her to smile. I thought Ace was a smiley baby but he has some competition here.

Pouty Pumpkins

Ace has always been a fabulous picture-taker; he will say "cheese" for me whenever I get out the camera. For the past two weeks, he has not cooperated. Lily Kate was having none of it today until we just wore her out enough for her to go limp on some pumpkins. Ace does this face when he's tired of pictures.
Worn out.
(I will brag and say that this little pumpkin stopped traffic. Everyone around us stopped to ooh and aah over her. She's getting more beautiful every day.)
Attempting a pic of both kids at the same time.
Ah me. I tried.
Ace got ice cream afterwards and I'm about to get a nap.
This is why I'm a CPA and not a photographer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best afternoon ever!

If I were to imagine my perfect afternoon, it would have been last Sunday:
75 degrees
A shady spot at the park
A blanket
Holding my babies
I shut my eyes a few times and just listened to Jonathan and Ace playing and laughing & the sound of Lily Kate breathing. I can't imagine a bigger gift.
It didn't last long enough and I'm hoping for a repeat this weekend.
It was nice to slow down, turn the tv off (which never happens in our house) and just feel the sun on my skin along with a cool breeze. (Houston gets plenty of the sun but not the breeze!)
I will retreat to the memory of this afternoon whenever I have a bad day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last week

We had some fun...
Ace went to his first Baylor game with Daddy.
Daddy had a bunch of late nights at work so we entertained ourselves however possible. Thursday, Ace spent the afternoon running in the rain.

I guess there's one good thing about hot and rainy Houston.
And Lily Kate started smiling.
I had really begun to worry about this little thing not smiling because big brother had set quite a precedent of smiling all the time.
I am desperate for a new camera. My PowerShot is really taking horrible pictures lately - they are all grainy and all of my nighttime pics are smudged. Taking suggestions.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playground Pictures

Yesterday evening it was in the 70s! I took the kids to the playground and we stayed over an hour. We had it all to ourselves. I love these times with Ace when he does nothing but giggle and smile and indulges me by letting me take countless photos of him.
I guess Lily Kate doesn't like the swings yet.
If I could make time stand still, it would be looking at this face...
...or maybe this one.
Big Brother showing little sis how it's done.
No, I didn't slide her down the slide. She was so pooped, she hardly cared where I put her.
So I took pictures of her all over. =)
Maternity leave is over this week and I start back on Monday. How I will miss the time when the only thing I have to concentrate on is my two angels. Last night was a treasure.